A 13 year old book blogger all the way from the Philippines! Lover of anything bookish and currently is looking for a reader that has the same fetish as me that could be my best friend wink wink that could be you.

Well, hi! If you’re here, that means

→  you are interested in what I do and love reading my blog posts

→  you finished your huge TBR pile and wanted some recommendations

→  you are a book blogger/reviewer yourself!

→   other reason

Pick one of the four!

Why Liz of Words, perhaps?

Well, I took Liz out of my name Eliza. And that sounds like lists; So instead of lists of words (since you know it’s a blog and so there’s a lot of wordssss), I made it lizofwords.

Corny, I know. But I like to think it’s clever *insert laughing emoji*

 My Contact: readingforava@gmail.com

My Twitter: lizofwords

My Goodreads: eloisreads

My Facebook: under construction

My Instagram: Umm… decided not to make a bookstagram for now since I still have school and I will continue to be busy till college *insert sad face* Maybe when I’m…21?

Want to know more about me? Let’s be friends! Click ⇑ any of my social media and let’s talk!


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