Red Queen + Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I  haven’t read King’s Cage yet so for now, it’s still the first two books in the series I’ll be talking about.




My Review:

Both- 3.5 stars

I have read a lot of reviews on Goodreads. And honestly, I don’t get why they hate it. i admit that because most readers say they hate it, I would tend to say I hate it too. But, in this review I won’t lie. I don’t love the series (it isn’t really my favorite) but I don’t hate it too. I do, however, enjoy the plot, the twists and the characters.

So, first off let’s talk about the CHARACTERS.

Like most readers, I want more of Maven. I believe there is more to his story. I hope that in the next books, there would be a chapter where his point of view is written. That would hook a lot of readers.

Mare. Many say she is annoying and I agree in some parts, she can be annoying. But, considering her situation and what she’s gone through, I think she’s pretty strong. And also with the love team. That’s the part where I found her to be annoying. It’s pretty much the same as America from the Selection series.

Cal. I have no thoughts for Cal. He and Mare had gone through the same experience and yet, blood separates them. I think that’s pretty cool… and pretty cliché. I mean it’s something I have read before.

The other characters, I’m okay with them. I’m still upset about Shane dying though.


—The plot in Red Queen—

I predicted Red Queen. Many say it’s a huge plot twists but I say it’s pretty predictable. I mean if you’ve read a lot of books of the same genre, then you can predict it. But sometimes I crave for cliché stories- maybe it’s just me. For me, it doesn’t really matter if I know/predicted the ending or if someone spoiled me a huge spoiler of a book, because what I’m looking for is how that ending came to be. For example, how did Maven betray the Scarlet Guard? You get my point. How Maven betrayed Scarlet Guard was truly exciting and made me wonder ‘what will happen next?’. Nevertheless, the plot in Red Queen was amazing.

–The plot in Glass Sword–

I’ve heard a lot of people saying they hate Glass Sword but I, for one, enjoyed it. I especially loved the part when Maven made his mark (M) on the shoulder of Mare. I think it was pretty cool. I think it dragged a bit in the middle but when you’re almost at the end, you can’t stop reading as you want to know the end. And the ending- I hate Cal for not doing, for not trying to do anything. It was pretty much a cliffhanger. And I don’t hate the author for that because it’s also a strategy in writing to make the reader crave for the next book.


I think Victoria Aveyard’s writing is unique. It really helps how she clearly explains the scenes. It made the movie in my head much enjoyable and I didn’t have to spend over a sentence trying to figure what she meant.


I really did enjoy the series and I like it. I can’t wait for King’s Cage. I’ve heard both good and bad reviews. I just hope mine will be a good review.



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