Book Bucket List

I got this blog post idea from      Rose   from  rosebooks    <— go check her out. Basically, I will be telling you guys some books I haven’t read yet but want to read in my whole life. I’ve heard so many about this specific books yet I haven’t read it yet, forgive me. Some are similar to Rose’s post but I am in no way copying her.

Without further ado,

  1. 1. Harry Potter series

    Image result for harry potter seriesHarry Potter is pretty famous. If you haven’t heard of it, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! but I’m not the one to talk, I hated disliked the series until last last last year. Whenever my Harry Potter-obsessed friend makes a Harry Potter joke, I wouldn’t get it. But then one day, I was in place where there was no wifi and it got pretty boring till my sister watched Harry Potter on her laptop. To get rid of my boredom, I had no choice but to watch with her. And I LOVE IT! I became obsessed, not really, but I love it. That’s why I decided not to read the books (for now) since I will need to save my allowance for a year to buy the whole set. Luckily, I won a giveaway and I have the audiobook- though I haven’t heard them all. That was my Harry Potter story. What’s yours? If you ever have.

P.S. I’m only 13 going 14 on September, 9th Grade. I still rely on my parents for money.

P.P.S. I’m a Ravenclaw ♥

  1. 2. Percy Jackson series

    Image result for percy Jackson seriesNope, no Percy Jackson story this time. I’m not obsessed with Percy Jackson nor do I hate it. But most bookworms read it and… I haven’t yet. I do want to though. I’ve heard/read so many great reviews about this series. If you have read it, what are your thoughts? I have watched the movies though and I think it’s pretty cool.


  1. 3. Anything by Colleen Hoover

Image result for coleen hoover books

Ugh, yes. I know. I need to read at least one book by Colleen Hoover. I’ve heard so many great reviews about her books and her writing. I was thinking this summer I really need to start reading her books. If you have a suggestion go ahead! I would appreciate it so much.

  1. 4. Anything by Stephen King

Image result for stephen king books

Yes, the same as Colleen Hoover, I also need to read Stephen King’s books. I’ve heard a lot of great things about him, his books and his writing; that makes me want to read it more. Thing is, I have doubts since his genre isn’t really my type- Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Fiction, etc. (correct me if I’m wrong). If you added me in Goodreads (which you totally should wink wink), then you’ll know I am currently reading Asleep by Krystal Wade and it’s kinda a horror + thriller book. I love it and it’s awesome. It made me want to read another thriller book and I think Stephen King is the perfect author to make me hook in that genre.

  1. 5. Mortal Instruments series

    Related image

I have read the first book, City of Bones and I love it! I’m not yet starting City of Ashes though I do have the copy. I’m just not into it right now. but I will try to finish the series hopefully by the end of this year. And then, I’m going to watch the series.




  1. 6.Infernal Devices series

    Image result for infernal devices series

This series I haven’t read yet. I will try to read them after I read the Mortal Instruments series though. I heard people saying they like this series better than the Mortal Instrument series. We’ll see whether I have the same opinion.

That’s all I have for you guys’ today! I’m looking forward to the day where I graduate from college, living a stable life and where I actually earn my own salary to buy my books. I am still pretty dependent on my parents 😦





3 thoughts on “Book Bucket List

  1. Good list!

    My Harry Potter story: When I was in high school I picked up one of the books (4th I think?) off of a shelf at school during reading time. My teacher let me take it home & I finished it over the weekend. I had no idea that it was part of a wildly popular series lol

    I’m in the middle of the Percy Jackson series. I’m loving it.

    And I want to read the Mortal Instruments series too!!!!!

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