The Crown & The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir                                                                                        The Crown     

Synopsis : CLICK HERE                                                             Synopsis: CLICK HERE

the heirthe crown

About the Author:

Image result for kiera cassKiera Cass is an American writer of young adult fiction, most known for The Selection Series.

Things she love include: Being married.Cake. The smell of Autumn. Motherhood. Books. Elephants. Back rubs. On demand movies. Actually going out to movies.


4.5 stars for both

(WARNING: There are spoilers with who she went with)

Once again, both copies I borrowed from my friends. I love the story of Eadlyn. I, honestly, shipped her with Kile but when the story was talking about her and **i*, I  was like ‘ooh, she’s gonna end up with that guy’. It was a turn of events and I love how it went. Who did you ship her with at first?

The Heir and The Crown was both uniquely written just like the selection series (the stories of America). I would definitely recommend this book if you want a cute princessy romance book to read. If you haven’t you should totally! I love this book and I hope you do too!



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