The Raven Trilogy by Melka Stansah


OMG, sorry Melka for the late blog post. School was and still is hectic. Hope you understand!




Raven has lived as an outcast his entire life. When secrets are revealed to him, his world is turned upside down.

No mother, no father, he now stands alone.

His quest for revenge leads him on a path beyond his wildest dreams.

Filled with self discovery, love and heart-ache – this book will be sure to make you laugh and cry.

Will Raven find the answer he is looking for?



Date Started: July 12,2016

Date Finished: July 12, 2016

Format: Paperback

About the Book:

Published January 29th 2016 by Green Hill Publishing

170 pages

About the Author:

Melka StansahMelka Stansah was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 1983. At just sixteen, Melka took the leap to move to Melbourne, Australia to study.

Later she spent two years living in Singapore but returned to Melbourne where she now resides with her husband.



A physical copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. That, however, does not affect my review in any other ways. My thoughts are completely my own; I was not paid.

Ok, first of all, I think I have another book boyfriend.


(Had to use the S.S gif.. Have you watched it yet?) Anyway, Raven is such a sweetheart cool and awesome guy. I love how the writer explained how he looks cause my imagination’s running wild. The girl seems like a nice girl for him too. The book was a fast 2 hour read (or less).

The author could’ve put more twist so the story will be longer but nonetheless, the book was an amazing read. If you want to read a book that can hopefully pull you out of your reading slump, then The Raven Trilogy is definitely a book that can help you. I wasn’t in a slump before I read the book but I just felt like it was a book that can help people in slumps.

Do not underestimate the book because it doesn’t have that much pages, but it can blow your mind. I would definitely recommend it to people in reading slumps.

I like the plot of the story. I like how the writer writes it, really understandable and unique. There were some words that needed correction but overall, it was good. The ending was satisfying (and somehow unexpected) and really makes you want to know what happens next. I can’t wait for the second book!

That’s it for my review!! Thank you for reading and don’t forget to click the “FOLLOW” button or follow my blog by email for more♥ Till my next blog post ( which will be really soon!)



2 thoughts on “The Raven Trilogy by Melka Stansah

  1. WOW!! Thank you so much for the amazing review!! I almost jumped out of the bed when I read how your imaginations ran wild for Raven hehehe… The pic of S.S is really COOL! I haven’t watched the movie yet, hopefully soon! Congratulations on your blog! Loving it already! 🙂


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