My eBook TBR (s)

Hello people of the universe!


FUN FACT: The biggest star that was found just recently is VY Canis Majoris. Have you known?

Today’s topic is my eBook TBR!

Every since I got my kindle email, I’ve been obsessed with eBooks! I’ve recently read just the samples that I’ve download until some authors would give me the eBook copy of their book. And so those eBooks increased- 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5, etc.

So I’ll just tell you my to-be-read.

Of all the eBooks that were sent to me, I’ve only read 1 (last month) which is Somewhere in Between by Samatha Harris. Check out the goodreads here. Check out my goodreads here or check it out below.

I am currently reading 2 eBooks. And those are:


  • The Dreamer by E.J Mellow (gr-here)

So Fun Fact is I received this in an honor of being chosen as a The Destined (3rd book) cover reveal which you can check out here. I received it last month. I couldn’t read in school since gadgets are not allowed. And when I reach home, I had schoolwork. And sometimes on weekends, I’m not in the mood. So it took me a really long time.

  • No Ordinary Star by M.C Frank (gr-here)

Fun Fact: I just received this yesterday. The author sent me the second book too. I’m really hoping for it to be a fast read since there are only 122 pages (yes, can you imagine?!).



So the next category of eBooks are eBooks that have been sent to me by the author/publisher last month that I haven’t read yet-in order-:

  • Asylum in Paradise by K. Carter (gr-here)

So the fun fact is I stopped reading this. I read this and Somewhere in Between (the first 2 eBooks I received). I decided to concentrate reading Somewhere in Between and so I stopped.

  • Dandelion on Fire by Sherry Torgent (gr-here)

Here’s the fun fact: I was supposed to read this until I got an email from E.J Mellow that I was chosen to be part of the cover reveal for her 3rd book. She sent me the 3 books (not including the novellas). And I chose to read The Dreamer instead of reading this book. So hopefully I can read it this month.

  • Star Racers by Martin Ferlando (gr-here)

So here’s a really fun fact. The author asked me himself! He said that he found my account through a sfs and he really likes my pictures. So naturally, I accepted. He also sent me a free link to where you can get the free eBook. If you are interested, DM me in instagram.

Next category of eBooks are just eBooks that were coincidentally free in kindle (or there was a free link) so I took it-not given by the author so review is not required-:

  • Justice Buried by Hilary Thompson (gr-here)

Super fun fact? Oh please, did you know that this book is FREE in kindle for a lifetime?? No, you did not know! Well, oftomes-the publisher- said so. Check it out here.

  • Losing Lily by Rachel Del (gr-here)

So here’s how you get it for free: Go to Rachel’s Instagram and click on her bio. There you’ll find it. It’s the prequel of her story, Finding Lily, but it’s a stand alone.

  • A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade (gr-here)

I do not know if this is still free in kindle but the author made it free for 5 days so go check it here!

This category of eBooks consist of only 1 eBook. An eBook given to me for free by winning a giveaway:

  • The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele (gr-here)

I actually won an audio book (not this) and it took so long. So as compensation, the host of the giveaway gave an eBook.

So this are all my TBR, hoping I could finish them as well as the physical copies. Thanks for reading and finishing to THIS point since I know it’s a long blog post. But hey! You can read a book with million details so why not read a blog post with 50% details? See you next time!


My kindle email- but first DM me or email me so I can authorize you.


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