Book Mail!!!

So I had lack of sleep yesterday and that caused me to be super duper tired. Before our dismissal in class, we had 2 quizzes. And my mind literally exploded!

So I was so glad to receive my book mail. This is my first book mail in which I recieved 2 books in a day:

From 2 different authors! 😉

Here is a 1-on-1 picture:

So onto first book! (The white one)

I received….

The Raven Trilogy by Melka Stansah


《My thoughts》It’s beautiful. I never expected it to be thin! And thank you for the bookmark♡♡♡ I like how it it so neat and looks new!
Onto the next book…..

I received……

Black Water Tales by Jean Nicole Rivers


《My thoughts》The pages are gorgeous! It’s so white and neat! And much thanks and love for the letter. I did not expect that♡♡♡ It’s thick too! Though I didn’t like the cover edges…

I want to thank you Ms. Jean and Melka for sending me their lovely books!

So much love from me,


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