Watching The Notebook For the First Time *Mini Review*

Hello, hello! Welcome to my first official post for Film Friday: Watching The Notebook For the First Time. I will be ranting about the movie, The Notebook, and telling you all about my experience in watching it for the first time. Warning: Spoilers Alert! Last last Saturday, I wasn't feeling like reading so I went … Continue reading Watching The Notebook For the First Time *Mini Review*

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

I buddy read this with a friend in hopes for it to be the one; after all, Colleen Hoover does not disappoint. I felt like I was in an emotional rollercoaster while reading this one. I’m a very emotional person and so, I cried. A lot. Let’s talk about the plot. No spoilers will be written so you can go ahead read my full review with open eyes.

Introducing Film Friday!

I've been trying to expand my blog to other categories and segments for a while now. I love love films set in the early 90s or early 20s, specifically rom-com. I prefer it than the recent rom-com movies. Although there are a few that I enjoyed. And I'm going to share them with you guys - my favorites, my recommendations, etc.